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Genie Tutors Small Heath
Providing the Best Tutors in Birmingham

At Genie Tutors Small Heath we will help your child succeed by tailoring our tuition to your child. Call David on 0121 647 6342 for your free consultation 0121 647 6342 or Email or Request Call Back. Request Call Back

Looking for Tutors in Birmingham? By choosing Genie Tutors Small Heath you can expect*:

  • Excellent Academic Progress
  • Qualified Tutors to ensure progress towards exams and tests
  • Improved focus and confidence
  • A FREE consultation
  • Continuous Support & Advice after every session

Why can we Provide the Best Tutors in Birmingham?

David runs the Small Heath Centre in Birmingham. I am delighted that Genie Tutors Small Heath, Birmingham has been established since 2012.  We have empowered countless children to attain their full learning potential whether it was for General Tuition, 11-Plus, SATs or GCSEs. At Genie Tutors Small Heath, all of our staff is CRB checked and Qualified.  This means they are aware of the National Curriculum standards; and will support your child to reach their full learning potential in a safe, fun and enjoyable environment.  You will see your child ascending to heights you would not have thought possible. What are you waiting for?   Why not give us a call to discuss the marvellous ways we can support you and your child to succeed at school…. We can support both parents and children with a variety of needs:

  • Is your child achieving at school, but could do better?  Look no further; we have the expertise to stretch your child.
  • Does your child lack the confidence to succeed, have poor self-motivation, find learning boring?  Please be assured our teachers will empower your child to: grow in confidence, improve self-motivation and enjoy learning.
  • Is your child under-achieving at school?  Our Genie tutors have a proven track record in turning an under-achieving student into a success!
  • Want to give your child a better future, a better start in life?  Genie will help! We will help your child to be the best they can be!

Are you looking for additional support for your child?  Look no further!  Genie Tutors will give you weekly feedback that will leave you inspired to support your child. What are you waiting for?  Give David a call for a free consultation. Still not convinced?  We have a proven method that will guarantee results for your child. You will see improved levels and grades, improved confidence and a surge of passion for learning.  We also guarantee progress in the first month of tuition, so if you not totally satisfied with the progress of your child, we will give you a full refund.We do this as we are confident that we are the best tutors in Birmingham.


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11+ Tuition

Do you want to find out how you can help your child with the 11+ entrance exam? Click here.


Genie tutors Genie Tutors Small Heath Birmingham location

2A Heather Road, Small Heath, Birmingham, West Midlands B10 9TA

Call on:0121 647 6342


We will inspire, Improve confidence and results and release the genius within your child...

The choice of tutors can be confusing and for some it is hard to know how to make the best choice.

“For the past school year I have been going to Genie tutors, I started as set 3 year 8 student in my English class, I am now finishing the year as a set 1 student. My tutor Aisha is the one that worked with me and made this possible I recommend the genie tutors for everyone in hope that they too will benefit from these classes.”


“I have known Ben and Becky for years and I know them to be lovely people and great teachers. They are both committed to helping children enjoy and benefit from their learning.”

Phil Pearson