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Are you one of the 40% of parents whose child has tuition?*

How can you be sure your child is making progress? Parents are important partners in their child’s learning and success. That’s why we guarantee* to keep you informed about your child’s progress.

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If your child needs help with English or an extra push to reach a target or goal, click here to learn how your child can benefit from extra English tuition.


Can a maths tutor help with your child’s understanding and confidence or help achieve a goal? Click here to find out more.


If your child’s understanding of science needs improving or they lack confidence click here to find out how a science tutor can help.

11+ Tuition

Do you want to find out how you can help your child with the 11+ entrance exam? Click here.


Do you want to help your child succeed?

Research* shows that children learn better when they:

  • Are engaged in their learning
  • Are given challenging tasks
  • Have supportive adults who have high expectations

High Expectations of Tutors

Parents expectations of their tutors should be high, especially when working in small groups. By using group competition, sharing of ideas and educational activities progress will be made. Our research has shown that a year’s progress can be made in as little as 10 weeks. This is why you should expect your tutor to give you:

  • A FREE consultation to find out what your child can achieve
  • A list of your child’s next steps
  • An explanation of how your child’s individual needs and aspirations will be addressed
  • Regular feedback about progress

Education Professionals

Genie has been designed by a panel of educational specialists to create the perfect environment for children to succeed. Children’s needs and their success is at the heart of what we do.

Your Child’s Consultation

We expect your child to make academic progress every week. To help achieve this we will carry out an assessment so that our tutors can prepare your child’s work effectively.

Achieving Aspirations

During your consultation your tutor will be able to assess your child’s needs and your aspirations. Understanding what you want will help us to focus on the best outcome for your child. We will be able to:

  • Challenge your bright child
  • Help your child to catchup
  • Engage and inspire your bored child
  • Build your child’s basic understanding
  • Encourage your shy child
  • Boost your child’s confidence

Request a call back using the button above or call 0333 344 2280 to book your free consultation.

* Research used by Genie Tutors can be found in our privacy policy. Research used referenced on this page was sourced from OFSTED and the BBC. Genie Tutors guarantee that we will give parents feedback. Refer to service levels when you sign up. Feedback is dependant on parents making themselves available.


Why Genie Tutors gets the Best Tutors

Highly motivated tutors
Essential to get the most out of your child

What ever your needs, finding the right tutor to help is our priority. We only employ tutors who meet our strict criteria and are highly motivated.

If you want the best tutors for your child then click here to find a tutor near you.

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We are the best tutors

Take a look at some of the reviews from parents, children and teachers working with Genie.

“friendly staff. I would highly recommend Genie Tutors”

Marina Atkins

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